Tumi Sotire and his advocacy for neurodiversity in the workplace is shaping the future of what it means to work. Tumi’s work as The Black Dyspraxic has brought important conversations about intersectional identities to light, and his ideas have empowered people to embrace their own identities in professional settings – identities that often don’t have a seat at the table. His work is a call to action for modern professional organizations to embed DEIB initiatives more thoughtfully into their policies and practices. We look forward to seeing what Tumi will do next.

High Lantern Group

Intersectional neurodiversity is more common than not in the workplace and serves as call to action for companies to actively embed DEIB initiatives into their workplace policies and practices. Illustrative of this call to action, Tumi Sotire and his advocacy for neurodiversity in the workplace is shaping the future of what it means to work. Tumi’s work as The Black Dyspraxic has brought important conversations about intersectional identities to light, and his ideas have empowered people to embrace their own identities in professional settings.

Bank of America

“Tumi Sotire's talk on being a black man with Dyspraxia left a profound impact at IBM showcasing resilience, determination, and self-belief in overcoming challenges . His presentation seamlessly blended personal experiences, practical insights, and a captivating storytelling style that engaged the audience throughout.

Tumi's candidness about the unique challenges faced as a black man with Dyspraxia fostered an open dialogue on diversity and inclusion. His emphasis on self-advocacy and resilience resonated deeply, inspiring individuals with disabilities to embrace their strengths and pursue their aspirations.

I will highly recommend Tumi Sotire as a speaker and advocate for diversity and disability awareness. His exceptional ability to captivate, educate, and inspire is evident in his thought-provoking talk. Tumi's storytelling serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and challenging societal norms.

Thank you, Tumi, for sharing your inspiring story."

Natalia La Duca Lykowiski

Global Neurodiversity Advancement Leader — IBM

"Tumi Sotire is an authentic and diligent advocate, advisor and board member. He takes his roles very seriously and adds huge value to the conversation regarding intersectional neurodiversity. I have learned and grown hugely in my own journey as an advocate as a result of his continued allyship and loyalty to our community.”

Prof. Nancy Doyle

Founder of Genius Within & Co Director of Centre for Neurodiversity at Work

“Tumi Sotire has been an invaluable member of the co production board at Neurodiversity in Business. His knowledge and passion to put intersectionality at the centre of the neurodiversity cause has been great benefit to the charity. It should also be noted the feedback I receive from other members of the co-production board how valued his quiet and measured approach is, and the eloquence with which he puts across his views. We are learning from Tumi when he is part of a meeting.”

Dan Harris

CEO of Neurodiversity in Business

“I am honoured to provide a testimonial for Tumi, who led the research for a groundbreaking report on the experiences of Black individuals in the workplace who identify as neurodivergent. Tumi's exceptional work and dedication to this project have been truly remarkable.

The report compiled by The Diverse Creative CIC, under Tumi's expert guidance, delves deep into the intersectionality of neurodiversity and the Black community. It serves as a comprehensive resource, providing invaluable insights and recommendations for individuals, allies, and organisations seeking to foster inclusivity and understanding.

The intended use of this report is to create awareness and add value to various stakeholders, including individuals seeking knowledge and support, allies striving to create more inclusive environments, and organisations committed to promoting diversity and equity. Tumi's thorough research and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in a highly informative and impactful report.”

Remi Ray

Director of The Diverse Creative CIC

I'm delighted to offer my endorsement of Tumi Sortire’s remarkable public speaking abilities. I have had the privilege of witnessing his exceptional communication skills and learning of his examples of determination and growth as it relates to his experience with intersectionality as a black man with dyspraxia. His enthusiasm for this issue is infectious and sets him apart from others. Tumi represents an example of how one can work with the challenges that life has presented and transform them into strengths. He has an unwavering commitment to authenticity and an ability to engage and inspire his audience. Tumi’s ability to connect with people on a personal and professional level with genuine emotion results in his leaving an indelible impact on his listeners.

Danielle Rosenberg

Founder & Executive Director

Dyspraxia DCD America f/k/a The Spotlight Foundation

“It’s been an honour and a delight to work with Tumi as a consultant here at Noetic!

Not only is he highly engaged and knowledgeable in the neurodiversity space - someone who’s clearly committed to reframing the way that neurodivergence is perceived through an intersectional lens - he’s also just a wonderful person to get along with.

From the get go, Tumi has been instrumental in helping us assemble an inclusive board of advocates who represent the many voices of the ND community. His insights have been invaluable, helping to shape our platform development by ensuring it always remains rooted in the real needs and experiences of ND individuals.

His humble warmth, wisdom and passion are both disarming and inspiring. I can confidently say that any organisation looking to evolve and co-create positive impact in the DEI space and within all levels of business would be blessed to work with him!”

A Ling W.

Co-founder at Noetic

If you're seeking clarity and success in your personal or business ventures, you absolutely need to be speaking to Tumi Sotire.

I can't express enough how much I've benefited from his insightful guidance. Tumi has a sincere passion for helping others achieve greatness. His genuine desire to empower and uplift me in both my personal and professional life was evident from day one.

It is always a pleasure to bounce ideas off of Tumi. His ability to see things from different angles and offer practical solutions is incredible. You will leave feeling empowered, ready to take on any challenge with confidence. One thing that impresses me about Tumi is his versatility. Either in strategic planning, organizational development, team management, or personal growth – he has got you covered, no matter what you're facing.

The black dyspraxic always tailors his guidance to fit your unique needs and goals. That personal touch makes all the difference. Working with him has been an absolute delight. He is not only professional but also warm and friendly. I feel comfortable opening up to him, and because he genuinely cares about my success.

So, if you're on the lookout for a consultancy firm that goes above and beyond to help you succeed, I wholeheartedly recommend The Black Dyspraxic. Seriously, it'll be a decision you won't regret. With Tumi's friendly guidance, you'll be all set to conquer any obstacle and reach new heights of excellence.

Oladoyin Idowu

Founder & Director, One Word Africa Foundation.

"Tumi has been a huge help since we first met at a neurodiversity in the workplace conference where he was a keynote speaker. Very personable, he was keen to connect and offer his unique perspective, and helped us set up a community advisory board to inform our product and business development directly from within the community we're helping. Tumi continues to be an invaluable voice for us within that group."

Collin Wright

Co-founder at Noetic

“Tumi was incredible to work with; being able to provide exceptional knowledge and context to a discussion that required real lived experience. Tumi was able to effortlessly work with the team and fellow contributors to create an educational piece that has had huge impact within the company, long after his visit.”

Trenton Tomlinson

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